Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ink Tool-ery

Trying out Manga Studio's Ink Tool on an old model sheet. 


zubby said...

That turned out great!

I really like the ink tools in Manga Studio. It flows well and feels really natural, keeping control while subtly evening out jaggies in the lines.

G. said...

Thank you, Jim!

Yeah, if only there was someway to drop that tool into photoshop I'd be thrilled!

Not that Manga Studio is a bad program, it's just not the one I'm used to!

Uberman said...

I'm trying to get used to Manga Studio, but it's an uphill battle. I wish its interface wasn't so rigid.

keith said...

Never tried Manga Studio but I may try it out now 'cause:


G. said...

Thanks, Keith and Herr Uberman. The trouble I have with Manga Studio and Painter is it's *not* Photoshop :P Not that I'm some Photoshop guru but when you're used to an interface, it can be difficult to switch to a new way of doing things. (Zbrush - Maya, I'm looking at you.)

I haven't yet delved into the guts of Manga Studio but it's built-in comic layout tools, perspective brushes, line and curve tools, and wonderful inking tool have me willing to explore more (and you can export back and forth into Photoshop without too much trouble.)