Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Work. WTB (More) Progress.

Update WAYYYYYY overdue.  I was finished with this months ago. 

An update.  Still not done (where did March go?) but have moved past where I lost the original file.  

I wanted to get one last post in before March.  A hodgepodge of photoshop, manga studio and maybe painter before I'm done.


Twinerism said...

Ooh, so nice. :} Keep the progress updated!

ken said...

great dude. thumbs super up.

G. said...

Thanks, H. and Ken. I managed to corrupt my last save file and my backup save might need carbon dating; it's so old. I'm a bit behind on getting this one finished but I *will* get it done!

Dylan Edwards said...

I love this!

keith said...

You posted this a while ago but I just saw it now! The new version is looking great.

Thanks for changing the knee on the outstretched leg. It was buggin' me and I couldn't figure out why. Shortened and simplified looks perfect. Well done.